Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm getting laid...... (off)

I think I'm OK.

At least I feel OK right now.

But we'll find out more in a couple weeks.

I found out today I'm getting laid off as of the end of the month.

It's slowly sinking in. I don't have much to say right now. Maybe I'll have more tomorrow. I'm a little emotionally spent right now.

"Excuse me, sir, where are your Bawls?"

So, Sis and I had this conversation this morning after we were talking about caffeine:
Me: fun to go to Microcenter (or any other geek store that sells it) and say "Excuse me, where are your Bawls?"
Sis: it doesn't taste like cough meds like Red Bull does it?
Me: never tasted red bull, but it tastes GOOD. At least the Blue Bawls does.
What is it with me and these conversations lately?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Medium

So, last week I got a new laptop here at The Company. I utilized my massive storage space at home to copy my files over because 1) it'd be MUCH faster and B) I didn't feel like clogging up the shared network drives with multiple gigs of data that has a ton of mp3s.

I've been trying to get back in the groove. Then I realized I hadn't copied ALL my files back to my lappy and all my music is sitting in a zip file on my file server at home. And since the zip file is 1.5 gigs (little music music and a TON of documents and the like), I'm not going to try to push it out of my home network to work. Seems WAY out of the way.

So, I complain to Princess Sparklepants with this conversation:
Me: grr... my music is sitting in an extremely large zip file at home. I can't download it 'cuz it's so large. woe is me
PSP: Music is not supposed to be on your work computer, anyway!
Me: and CDs aren't supposed to be left in drives -- so what is the happy medium? utilize network resources to stream? :-)
PSP: Get an iPod
PSP: :-)
PSP: I love my little nanopants.
So, yeah, I like to violate the rules. But it's better than carrying around an MP3 player that The Company will eventually decide confidential information could be put on and forbid them, just like they block web based email because of "increasing security risks" with the fact "The Company doesn’t have the ability to scan for viruses or security concerns as we would with our Company e-mail." (Yes, geeks, you and I know what's wrong with that statement.) Of course, my mp3 player is a little large... since it's a Creative Zen Vision:M. But I love being able to fit my mp3 empire on one device... until that runs out of space.

So, right now, I'm pretty much musicless except the RENT soundtrack (OBC, not OST). But, as much as I love it, I can't listen to it on repeat for eight hours. I'll end up mooing all over the place and wanting to jump over the moon!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My poopoo smells like roses!

So, I have STRANGE conversations with friends.
<zim> so last night Hula and I were having a discussion
<zim> and we were talking about using my rose/sandalwood massage oil
<zim> and we were discussing using it as lube after a massage, but I was thinking that it would make my butthole smell even after a shower
<zim> thoughts?
<me> you have objections to your butthole smelling like roses?
How crazy is that?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Who do you think you are? President Bush?"

I was out running errands, and my grandmother called me. Unfortunately, I wasn't around my phone when she called, so she also called my home number. Why she called my home number, I don't really know. I don't answer it EVER. Mostly because there's no caller id, but I digress.

Now, let me rewind for a second. If you've never heard my home answering machine, it's quite a treat. Since I have given my home number to about 5 people in this world, and they all know to call my cellie, I don't consider my home number as "primary." Add in the fact I have a lot of people calling for random people I've never heard of, I got tired of answering it. Lately, there have been a lot of calls that have come in and nobody has left messages. Then there was someone who APPEARED to have known me and left a message against my generic pre-installed answering message. I didn't know them in return, so I didn't return the call. I then changed my outgoing message telling people that they need to leave their name, telephone number, company they are with, and nature of the call and if they fail to leave any of these four, they will not receive a call back.

So, my grandmother called my home number and she heard the outgoing message. Her response to me was "Who do you think you are? President Bush?"

I wanted to come back with some witty reparté, but I know she wouldn't find it amusing. She rarely humor in anything that you'd have to explain the joke with. Very visual, she is.

Anyway, her "this is so important I need to call your home number" call was to let me know my alma mater had an article in the local newspaper about it becoming a university. I guess since I'm 1100 miles away, she think it's impossible for me to get information about it. I had to inform her that my $100,000 of tuition also paid for years of updates, whether it be via snail-mail, or trips Alumni Relations makes to various parts of the country, or email!

She also proceeded to inform me that a movie is being filmed in Northampton, the town next door. My aunt was extatitc that Mel Gibson is the star. Don't quite understand why since she no longer lives in Noho. Maybe it's 'cuz she's uber-religious and he directed Passion of the Christ. Who knows. But it'll be really cool to see some local landmarks on the big screen!