Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I declare Gas Crisis 2008 over!

So, I passed by several gas stations today with gas and no lines. I even filled up my tank (at a station that was accepting credit cards). I think it's weird that I put 9 gallons in my 16 gallon tank and my needle was halfway down... but I've seen other weird things.... or the station cheated me out a few dollars.

My fear about this "being over" is that the masses of people haven't been really out. That means they may still freak out when trying to get out. But at least the stations should at least have some fuel out there.

We'll see...

I don't feel like working

I didn't feel like working this morning, so what did I do? This:

It makes me feel real geeky. In all fairness, I used a template found on the 'Net... but I didn't follow exactly... otherwise the Super Mushroom would have been much bigger and looked even funkier.

I've decided that I want to go to the Lego Store and buy more Legos so I can build more. I plan on putting them in my cube.

I'm also hating this whole GAS CRISIS 2008 deal. Today, I went to get lunch at Taco Bell and the Chevron up the street from me had a tanker leaving. With no long insane lines there, I decided I'd hop in for some gas to do my part to help in the freaking out.

First, I was REALLY irked with the fact that people would NOT pull through to allow both pumps on each side to be used, as if someone on the other pump would take their gas.

Then, before I was able to get up to the pump, the employee dude put out signs that said "No Credit Cards."

There went my chance for gas. I don't keep cash on me.

I'm hearing that more and more places are doing that, though. Not exactly sure why except for the idea that they're trying to save the credit card fees off the top because of the lack of sales in the convenience stores and such.

They're saying about two more weeks before we're back to normal. I want things to be back to normal now. I don't mind working from home during this, but it's still crazy.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to solve Atlanta's gas crisis -- according to Fox 5

Fox 5's answer to the Gas Crisis is to move Atlanta. I saw that on the news last night and was looking and said "that doesn't look quite right..." -- after the image went off I said "wait a minute..." and rewound. Then I stared in disbelief.

Way to go Fox 5! Not only do you get Obama and Osama mixed up, but you don't know where you're located when superimposing images on each other!

...And we wonder why Georgia has the lowest standardized test scores... it's because the students are TRYING to learn and the news can't even teach them correctly!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can identify colors and count!

Went to Microcenter today.

I was very impressed at the knowledge the dude on commission had!

Here's what happened:

Chinchilla's CPU fan decided it wanted to start dying. Not particularly a good thing. So, I brought the dying fan there to ensure I got the correct size. I'm not finding what I need, so I ask dude if he would know where the exact size I'm needing is.

He said I had a "proprietary fan" because the fan I brought in had two wires, one red, one black, and the ones they had had three wires, one red, one black, one yellow.

I had to respond with "Thank you very much for knowing how to count to at least three and how to identify at least three colors. I wouldn't have been able to determine that on my own. What I ASKED for was a fan that size -- I'm sure no matter what type of connector it is, I'd be able to power it up, because... look... all these fans have adapters that I'd be able to use in any case."

Needless to say, I removed his sticker so he didn't get the commission on the 6.99 fan.
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