Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, we all heard what happened Tuesday, right?

Well, I'm sitting here at The Company working the day away (kinda like Doozers) and this guy comes up behind me and said "Um, you have a package."

I look at him and said "Excuse me?"

"I have a package here for you."

So I'm seeing this long box from Slightly confused I sign for it and then IM my really awesome (and hot) boyfriend asking him what evilness HE's up to.

He claims all innocence (OK, he claimed a Burger King was coming to sing to me)

I open the box and unpack it all, and this is what I got:

And, NO, not the Avaya phone! :)

I feel all warm and squishy inside!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deliciously Evil!

So, apparently I was deliciously evil today.

Except, if you want to get technical, I was deliciously evil sometime in the past. The results occurred today.

Below is a snipped of a conversation I had with my Really Awesome (and Hot) Boyfriend:
<Boyfriend> umm soo what evilness are you up to?
<Me> who says I'm up to evilness?
<Boyfriend> the rather large glass vase sitting on my desk
<Me> and?
<Boyfriend> with half my office following said receptionist
<Boyfriend> all trying to figure out where they are going
<Me> ok :)
<Me> there's something wrong with me randomly sending things?

<Boyfriend> to the ooohhh I think someone really likes you
<Me> of course, I'm going to ask that you email me a picture of it -- since like peeps I know really want to see it :)
<Boyfriend> and the two girls down from me going " damn i been here 4 years" and my BF never sends me anything like this... hes been here just a few months and he ALWAYS gets nice stuff from folks..
<Me> hehehehehehe
<Boyfriend> so yeah you suceeded in creating office jealousy
<Me> :-D
I think I did awesome! Of course, I had to ask for a photo of the result, since I really didn't know how it would come out. Here's what he got:
He seems to be beyond thrilled from it. He's now charging admission to his coworkers for them to see his gift. The only thing I didn't think about is the fact he has to take allergy medicine in order to enjoy them. Guess I can't think of EVERYTHING.

I musta been a jew in a previous life

I thought I had a really awesome deal on my new washer and dryer. Until we went to Home Depot. After doing the math, I learned it was about $175 that HH Gregg needed to refund me (that included their 10% price match guarantee, but didn't include sales tax, so tack another 6% onto that!).

I went back to HH Gregg on a mission. In my initial purchase, I got extended warranties on the washer and fridge, but not the dryer (I was trying to keep costs down a little). So, I went in under the assumption the dryer extended warranty would be the same price as the washer, so I was going to do an even swap to get the extended warranty.

I walked in and the sales associate that I worked with saw me. He was like "ok, what's wrong?"

"Absolutely nothing! I'm loving my fridge and washer and dryer. In fact, the washer and dryer SING to me! I'm extatic about that. I just don't like the fact you said you gave me the best deal in town and I found my washer and dryer for cheaper at Home Depot."

Showed him everything and they started the process of getting me my money back and getting me the extended warranty.

After all was said and done, They gave me the five year warranty AND $67 refunded back to me. I think I got an awesome deal.

...Now, if I can find my fridge for cheaper..... That would be awesome!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weird Conversation

So, I just had the weirdest phone conversations. My office phone rang and it said "Conference Room". I answered it.
"Good Morning, this is Smply." (it's like 1:30pm)
"Uh... it's afternoon."
"Yes, but it's morning somewhere."
"Yeah. This is a group of us from SOX, and you were randomly selected to answer this question for us. What would you do if you suspected someone of fraud?"
"Um... tell your manager?"
"What if that person you suspected was your manager?"
"Uh.. HR?"
"What if you wanted to do it anonymously?"
"Uh.. I don't know -- maybe an HR Service Center Line or something?"
"Can you find that number for us?"
"I don't know it -- can't find it on the intranet."

Productive Weekend!

So, I had a VERY productive weekend. So productive, in fact, I cannot recall another weekend where I have accomplished so much. So, without any further delays, here's my essay on what I did this past weekend:

My Weekend by SmplyUnprdctble

My weekend was a very productive weekend. It started Friday night when I bought a fridge, Washer and Dryer from HH Gregg, then went to Eleven's birthday party at Jocks and Jills. It was quite funny when my really awesome (and hot) boyfriend bought her a birthday shot. Her face was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS. I ended up finishing the shot for her. I expected lighter fluid, but it was actually pretty good. After the partay, we went to Home Depot to grab a few things for the door job planned for the weekend.

I woke up early on Saturday to go Saturday Sampler (quilting) with Princess Sparklepants. After seeing our February square, we're really excited over the color scheme that was picked out. After the quilting informercial, we went back to my house so she could meet my really awesome (and hot) boyfriend. She didn't follow through with the double-dog dare I provided her with on Friday, but she thinks he's "a total cutie!" :)

Boyfriend and I started cleaning out the garage Saturday while waiting for the delivery folks to bring my appliances. Two trips to the dump later, I had a mostly clean garage. You might even be able to fit two cars in it again! The delivery peeps were late (they claimed I never answered the phone when they redid the route, but that's not the case -- besides, they could have left voicemail). I didn't care, as long as I got my stuff in a timely fashion. Eventually, we started demolishing the door out and (after a few snags), got the new door back in... mostly. There were a couple oddities (bent hinge, unplumb walls, etc), but his ingeniousness got it into place. Starting to get snappy due to hunger, we decided to break for the night and I took him out to dinner at Benihana.

Sunday, we got up early and went out to eat at the Original Pancake House. I had never been there, but it's GOOOOOOD. Definitely worth going again. We returned back to the house and finished up the door. We got it all put together with the exception of the molding on the inside. We also made my garage door no longer the most unsafe in the neighborhood. We went to eat at a local mexican place (for cheaper than breakfast... and we had adult beverages, even), then went to bed.

I need to get a pic of the awesome job we (ok, Boyfriend) did on the door. I'll post it here at some point after the trim is complete.

Now it's Monday and I'm wanting the weekend to come back. I didn't get a chance to do the one thing I REALLY wanted to do this past weekend. Watch RENT: FLOBNOB! I guess that's what next weekend is for.