Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So, this conversation happened...

I sent the following pic to a friend with the subject line "No Winner":

A discussion went back and forth talking about the Gremlins universe.  The question came up of "If Gizmo ate after midnight, would he become evil?"

I proposed yes because it violated the three cardinal rules.

Then he came back with the following quote:

According to the novelization of the first film, the mogwai are a result of genetic manipulations by an alien scientist to create a creature that would evoke good-naturedness and goodwill amongst the galaxy. However a slight miscalculation caused all but 1 in 10,000 to be mischievous and/or evil and the transformation mogwai can go through being totally unintended. Only one in ten thousand are gentle, and as a result is hated by their brethren. Also, this previously mentioned mogwai is effectively immortal. As Gizmo is gentle, and has a long list of historical figures that have owned him, it is clear that he is this mogwai type. If this mogwai eats after midnight though, he will lose his longevity, becoming a typical gremlin. 

So, basically I was right.  But, I didn't leave it there.  I responded with, "That's not in my 'novelization'" and attached the following pics:

That prompted a question of "Are those photos on the internet or do you actually have those?"

To which I had to respond, "What kind of stupid question is that?  Of course I have them!"

I mean, seriously -- why would I reference that novelization if I didn't have it?  Much less show with pics! :D