Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seriously -- a saw!

Yesterday, I went to my hot lesbian dentist to get more IPR done for my straightening.

As I went to the back, I said "I have one request: I need a picture of this saw because people don't believe me."

So, here it is:

It really is as scary as it looks! The blade is probably the diameter of a quarter, maybe a bit smaller. It's very very thin, though.

They had three places they needed to do for me. And, let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant. Did I mention they don't numb you for this?

So, she's trying to get this saw in my mouth and she's like "be VERY still!"

Really? Very still... I have a SAW BLADE in my mouth... any thoughts of me moving end with me being decapitated. I've seen scary movies.

So, she's trying to work it, but apparently a couple of my teeth are very tight together. So, instead of using that, she brought out some metal sandpaper.

SANDPAPER! I didn't get a picture of this one because I was wanting it to be over. Of course, the sandpaper in my mouth wasn't very pleasant. Especially around the gums.

After about 20 mins or so, it was over. I was relieved. And saw a splotch of blood on the bib. I was like "I thought you said you weren't intentionally hurting me? Blood means intentional! ;-)" (Yes, I said "winking smiley-face")

I left the office with trays 4-10. Which means I don't have to see her until September 30th (unless I have a cleaning with her before then. I don't recall when that is). But, right now, my teeths are aching some...