Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Don'tcha hate it when you can't remember...?

I'm gonna start this with "PAIN HURTS!"

So, yesterday, I went to the periodontist to get an inflamed area of my gum removed per Hot Lesbian Dentsit's request. (and there went the remaining balance on my insurance for the year)

They gave me some "happy pills" that they said would knock me out. An hour after taking the pills, I was like "I'm nowhere near sleepy" - they said "it won't put you to sleep.. just make you not remember." - I said "Heck with that, I wouldn't mind remembering... I'm now over my fears." -- and apparently I said a few strange things while I was "under" -- like something about taking a pregnancy test again. I remember splotches, and that itself drives me nuts. Remind me not to be put under like that again (except maybe when my wisdom teeth are removed.. but they best put me TOTALLY under for that).

Last night, when I miraculously got home (my roommate picked me up -- I don't remember the trip home, but I do remember going to CVS -- and I vaguely remember getting my blood pressure checked on that machine, but that's it. Apparently we went to Publix -- which I have a LITTLE haze of -- so I could get some pudding). I took a pain pill (It began with M) and it knocked me out SOLID. I woke up in time for Prison Break though. After Prison Break, I had an urge for something "more solid" than pudding, so I went to Lee's Golden Buddha #7. They suggested this noodle soup which was GREAT. And that's when the "Silly Putty Bandages" came out. Then I started feeling some of the stitches and one of them was entirely too long, so I spent a couple mins with scissors in my mouth trying to cut it down an eighth of an inch. THAT was an adventure.

So, now I'm STARVING because anything I can eat I don't want because I want solid foods. But I did go to Publix and got some pasta salad stuff that I mistakenly thought was much closer to room temperature than it is. The inside of my mouth is a little swollen, and I'm here at work without pain killers because they put me to sleep (although, I only get pain when there's any temperature change in my mouth). And I can barely remember what was done to put me in pain.

All in all, after this, once I get my wisdom teeth removed, Extreme Makeover Dental Edition will soon be over because Invisalign will be the last step! I feel great (except these hunger pangs and occasional taste of blood)...

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