Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I made a new friend!

So, some person called "LaydeeStar" txt'd me. I really didn't want to work, so here was the conversation:
LS: I didn't get my kiss
Me: I don't know who you are
LS: U dont
Me: Then why are you complaining about a kiss to me?
LS: Hmmm.. u okay?
Me: As far as I know, I am. Of course, I do not recall knowing anyone with this number... much less kissing them
LS: Wow so u just lft my house this am and u dnt knw who u were layin next 2?
Me: Seriously lady, I have no clue who you is. I'm gay.
LS: Okay.
Me: Good luck finding your Mr. Man's correct number
LS: Im sorry. I realized that i transposed 1 of the numbers
Me: No big deal. I enjoy talking with strangers - at least I didn't leave you hanging and getting irritated at the intended recipient
LS: Lol. Me 2. I appreciate that. I was starting 2 thnk i was goin crazy
Me: We're all crazy here
LS: Glad 2 know im not alone.
Me: I'm just glad you gave a little excitement to my otherwise drull day. I'm now telling everyone "I made a new friend thanks to a wrong number."
LS: Lol. Funny because is aid the exact same thing. Glad i could add sum fun. Its a lil drab in my world 2day 2
Me: Well, txt me anytime you need a pick-me-up
LS: I will do that and u do the same

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