Monday, October 27, 2008

Eighteen Again

Dang, I'm exhausted from this past weekend!

Friday, The Company brought us out on some "team building outing". We went to Whirlyball and DDR a local brewery for drinks. I had a couple glasses of wine then came home and went to sleep on the couch. Not a particularly exciting Friday night, but I suppose I needed it. I also determiend I wasn't exactly that into Dancing With the Stars, so it's gone from my DVR.

Saturday, I got up early because Beanie wanted to mow my lawn. It was wet, but it still worked. I also pruned the hollys in my front yard. I HATE hollys. But they look so much better. No, I will not give before and after pics. You should have asked before.

After the lawn was done, I introduced Beanie to DDR. I can't find my copy of DDRMax (which has the songs and interface I started with), so we played some DDRMax2. He started to get the hang of it. Then he wanted to play Guitar Hero, where he totally pwned me. Boy can rock! Finally, we ended it with some Mario Kart Wii where we decided Baby Mario cheats. But, I tell ya, I felt like I was eighteen again!

I brought him back to his house and we geeked out while Princess Sparklepants yelled at the Georgia / LSU game. Then I came home and fell asleep on the couch again.

Sunday, I completed the one task that was on my to-do list for Saturday. I bought a tie. I also did my laundry so I do not have to go to work naked. I even caught up on some of my DVR! Oh, and fell asleep on the couch.

Maybe I've got SAD like Princess Sparklepants does. I had it big time in Boston, but that was mainly because the sun was SET in the winter before I even left the office. But, I'm in the ATL. The sun has to travel to the opposite end of the timezone here to give us a little bit more evening light.

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