Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been bad...

So, I've been informed by some of my vast readership (yes, all three of you) that I've been neglecting you and not updating things.

I'd love to go back over the past two weeks, but the majority of it is summed up in my previous post about heart attacks. My visit to MA was fun, and I almost missed being up there until it decided to start getting cold. It was great seeing friends and family, but I'm totally glad to be back in Atlanta.

I started the new job on Monday. Henceforth, "The Company" will now reference as this new job. I haven't decided if I'm going to like it or not yet. The first couple weeks are always the worst. You're out there learning the stuff you're going to be doing because every company is different. The basic skills are always there, but each company has its own intricacies that cause the learning curve. Thursday was bad because I accidentally deleted some data. I clicked "OK" a little too fast, but in almost fairness, I was following the direction of what my manager was wanting to do. But he misstated something as we were determining what to clear in the system. Before he had a chance to re-look at the selection, I clicked OK. I'm definitely not used to having Production access yet, but I will get in the proper mindset soon.

Right now, I'm fearful of trying to blog from work since I don't know what's being watched. Until I get more comfortable there, you may have to live with spurts of blogs instead of a more constant flow.

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