Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If I could turn back time...

So, I was bored at work with not really anything to do since there's NOBODY in the office (I think three people in our department). I decided I wanted to get my old MySpace blogs into this blog after reading that Blogger is now allowing importing of blogs. The hitch is you can only do it with other Blogger blogs right now.

I did a quick search and found no real way to get MySpace blogs moved over to Blogger. Apparently there's a way to do it with Wordpress, but I don't have a Wordpress account. I thought about creating one, until I read that the import only works with Blogger.

So I decided to count the MySpace posts I have. Eighteen. One of them doesn't count because it's just a posting saying it's my first posting. Since this blog already has one of those, I decided not to include that, so there are seventeen posts to be copied over. Not really that bad.

So, there you go. You should be able to find all these posts prior to my first Blogger post. Some are fairly amusing. Some not so much. And NO, I will not bring back my way old blog postings from when I first moved to Atlanta and tried to blog. Those are horrible.


Salon Chick said...

So, does that mean you posted them (copied/pasted them) and dated with the original date? And now I have to look through all your posts in order to find all 17?

Are you making me do work??

Simply Unpredictable said...

yeah -- except if you think about it, all the MySpace posts are BEFORE I had blogger.... so, logic would dictate they're the first seventeen posts if you go to the beginning of my Blog.

Salon Chick said...

Logic? You want me to use logic?

Oh man!

Simply Unpredictable said...

You can use either logic or common sense. Pick one :)