Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Teeths Are Clean!

Yesterday I took my semi-annual visit to my Hot Gay Periodontist.

I'm not going to go into the full history of my teeths here, but needless to say at one point in my life I was TERRIFIED of dentists (and subsequently anyone who touches my teeths and gums), but decided a few years back that I wasn't going to pay for dental insurance without using it. Now I have an awesome crew of peeps who take care of my teeths.

Anyways, Hot Gay Periodontist was his usual cheerful hot self. He even thanked me for the Christmas card I sent him. But, he was a little too busy to be overly social since they had a cancellation that put them a little behind to fit in a last minute person at the same time.

The hygenist gets me all settled in and as she begins to clean my teeths I hear "Hello? Hello? Hello?" coming very faintly. Almost Horton Hears a Who-ish. I thought it was her cellphone ringing since I've heard some odd ringtones in my life. A minute later, she informs me she accidentally dialed someone and there was someone alive on the other end. Quite amusing.

So, I have the scraping going on (aren't you NOT supposed to have sharp objects in your mouth?), then she does the supersonic waterpic thinggie. I'm not a fan of that since one of my teeths is still quite sensitive (and apparently a few other areas). Plus, I don't like the noise. Bothers my ears.

After I think she's done, she's flossing me. And every few teeths she stops flossing and pulls out scraping thing or supersonic waterpic thing. She kept feeling something. It wasn't bad until the bottom right end of my teeths. She kept feeling something. She scraped and waterpic'd for what seemed like HOURS (ok, it was probably 3-5 minutes, but that's an eternity when that area is getting more and more sensitive). She finally ridded me of whatever she kept feeling.

The best part of the adventure? This is the FIRST dental visit I've had a little bit into the year that insurance paid for (since Extreme Makeover Dental Edition tends to leave my insurance drained within 3 months). One of the advantages of having new insurance!

Now, I'm waiting for the spring when I see my Hot Lesbian Dentist to see about straightening my teeths!

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