Thursday, December 18, 2008

Perfectly Evil in Farbucks!

The lady at Farbucks thinks I'm insane. See, we're having a gift exchange at The Company today. Our Admin suggested I buy a giftcard. So, I went to the nearest Farbucks and the following conversation took place:
Me: May I purchase a gift card in ANY amount I wish?
Farbucks: As long as that amount is greater than $5.
Me: PERFECT! I'd like a gift card in the amount of six dollars sixty-six cents.
Farbucks: Ok, if you want it for that amount, I need to know why.
Me: Caucasian Pachyderm Gift Exchange.
Farbucks:Um...... What's that?
Me: Oh, in non-PC terms, White Elephant Gift Exchange.
Farbucks: Ok. Would you like anything else with that?
Me: Peppermint Caucasian Hot Chocolate.
I love being crazy!

1 comment:

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

They hate you. I bet there was spit in your caucasian cocoa.