Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freaky Voicemail Message

So, I recently added a Google Voice link to my blog over to the right. Oh, you didn't see it? Well, look over there *points -->*

Anyways, don't even think about trying to use it to prank call me in the middle of the night. Why? Because the widget is set to go straight to voicemail when someone attempts to call. Period. At any hour of the day. I'm not THAT crazy to let total strangers call me in the middle of the night! (Much less, if I get called in the middle of the day while I'm at work by one of my seven fans -- yes, that's right.. I apparently am up to seven readers now. One day I might get as many fans as ChickenPopPod. Pshyeah, right! I'm not cool enough.)

But, I guess someone tried to do it. At least, that's the best I can determine as there's no missed calls on my cell phone.

So, at 12:13am today, I got the voicemail I'm going to share with y'all below:

Yeah -- I think someone was trying to prank me and it didn't quite work. And seriously -- Laundry is who gets to pick up the phone at 12:13am?

So, while I have y'alls attention, I think you should send me a nice voicemail. And give me suggestions as to what my outgoing message for it should be. I wish I could upload an .mp3 file for the voicemail, but Google Voice doesn't allow that. Otherwise people might end up hearing the chorus from the best music video ever:

(Also, if you want a Google Voice account, you'll have to leave me a voicemail proclaiming why you think you should get invited -- along with your name and email address so I can send it off to anyone that gets deemed worthy. At this moment, I have one invite remaining until they replenish me.)

So. Do it now. Call me! And if your voicemail is cool enough, you might just hear it later in the blog!

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