Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm going straight!

Straight, not heterosexual, that is :)

I just got word that my Invisalign treatment videos are in. I figured I'd share them with y'all.

This is the front view of what my teeths are going to look like. Specifically look at the left side. It almost looks as if I was hit on that side with a frying pan to knock my teeths in that far. But they're coming out to normal. The spots on my teeth are where they're going to have to put "attachers." These will come out

For the top view, tooth #8 is my biggest complaint. It's like halfway over another tooth. Very difficult to keep clean.

And, finally for the bottom view. I have some serious crookedness going on there. That big major crookedness next to the incisors on the left has bugged me for years. And it's not particularly easy to floss that.

Plus, they're going to be doing some minor shaving of my teeths for spacing. Not sure how I feel about that (since I know it'll mean things like "Novocaine" that didn't work on my lower right side).

So, I should be all good. I've got 14 upper trays and 17 lower trays coming to me. That means I'm going to be in them for 34 weeks. That means by the New Year, I might have a much better smile!

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Salon Chick said...

Wow! Never noticed your teeths were messed up.

Oh...and, don't scare me with an e-mail that says "I'm going straight." LOL