Friday, March 26, 2010

I love my friends!

Conversation I had with a friend of mine this morning:
[09:59] <me>
[10:27] <friend> weird! is that your tank?
[10:27] <friend> what do you have in there?
[10:27] <friend> cool blue color!
[10:27] <friend> here fishy fishy fishy HERE FISHY FISHY FISHY
[10:27] <me> sacrificial goldfish
[10:27] <me> ok, Ernie
[10:27] <friend> hahahha
[10:28] <friend> good boy Smply! nice getting the reference!
[10:28] <friend> lol
[10:28] <friend> yet another thing I love about you!
[10:28] <me> *wags tail*
I love how I get my friends -- unlike the fact all but TWO of my coworkers get the following image, which I have on a shirt:

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