Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember the time....

So, when I was in college, V and I took a day and watched the Star Wars trilogy (back when there was only three of them). I had it on VHS and had a pretty nice VCR hooked into my stereo, so I had halfway decent sound. None of this 7.1 surround sound I have now, but we were able to hear the nice rumblings and everything. Laying on my bed geeking out to Star Wars. And when we got hungry, we ordered Domino's because it was too late to go to the cafeteria.

That was the original set of movies, not the Special Edition, also.

I did math, and it was about 6.5 hours of movie we watched that day. Prolly a little less, but also have to take into account rewind times. You see, children, back when I was young, we didn't have DVDs*, and we had to use the rewind button to get the video tape back to the beginning in order to watch it again. This usually took about 5 minutes or so, depending on how fast your VCR was. And the rich families had the automagic rewinder so you could put in your next movie immediately and put your watched movie in the rewinder.

Anyways, today Spike is airing all six movies (Special Edition for the original Trilogy as I saw Jabba in Episode IV). I did the math. It's 13.42 hours of actual movie times. How the HELL does someone survive sitting through 13.5 hours of movies? And that's not counting the commercials!

And, of course, here comes my analysis.

13.5 hours of movie.

Spike aired it from 9am to 4am. That's 19 hours.

19 hours total minus 13.5 of movie time is 5.5 hours of commercials during the movies.

Divide that by six and that's 55 minutes of commercials per movie -- or 17.5 minutes of commercials per hour.

You're wasting 29% of the time watching commercials. That's where a DVR comes in handy (or actually owning the movies)

But, that brings me back to my earlier point: Who the hell has 13.5 hours to sit and watch movies?

But, that reminds me of a really bad joke I made up:

In 1977 when the first Star Wars movie came out, Chewbacca won an award. You know what award that was?

Wookie of the Year!

*ducks the rotten tomatoes being tossed*

*I remember the first time I watched a DVD -- I was amazed at the fact you didn't have to rewind. It was a foreign concept at the time!

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Simply Unpredictable said...

Of course, Family Guy can compress the 2 hour movie into a 44-minute special and it has all the important parts of it!