Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where No SmplyUnprdctble Has Gone Before

Yo! Internets! I went someplace I've never been before!

No, I haven't gone THAT offensive. (Although, it almost happened)

I went to VERMONT!

Yes, I've lived in New England how many years and have never been to Vermont. I don't get it either. But, for some reason, I decided I wanted to go this trip. Mostly because it's right there *points*.

A friend of mine and I went hopped in my rental car and we took off up 91. Not really knowing where we would go (although we pondered going to Ben & Jerry's). We just took off.

We got to Brattleboro and found a welcome center. We asked where we should go eat, and the (biased) guy sent us to his not quite great place. The food wasn't bad, but there was like not much there on the brunch buffet. Basically, it was empty. But, we ate and then got back on the road.

On the way up, we learned a new word: Scarified. Yes. There's a road sign in Vermont that says "Scarified Road" -- It's the same as "Rough Pavement", but we think people got bored. They also say "Bridges Freeze Before Road", so that continues the theory.

We went further up and followed the map. The goal was to go to some glass blowing place (who's name escapes my memory at this time). It sounded like a cool thing to watch. And it was the first exit once we got on 89.

We got off 89 and tried to figure out where it might be and we saw this mini strip mall like thing. And as I pulled in, I made a B-line for a MOOSE.

Yes, peeps, a MOOSE!

I HAD to get my picture with the moose! I asked the kind people and they asked if I wanted to get ON it! I almost creamed my pants!

So, I got up on the moose and had my picture snapped!

Oh, it's a wooden moose. For sale for $3500. I pondered it as they said "Free Shipping", but I realized I had no place to put it.

We continued on to the glass blowing place. They had a river and dam and waterfall there. And a covered bridge.

This same area had some giant Gorge! They called it the "Grand Canyon of Vermont" -- it was pretty cool to look at and take pictures.

On the way home, we stopped at BASKETVILLE! I don't know, but it was kinda interesting. There was a mini-wine tasting and I bought a bottle of pear wine (which is being shipped to me by my awesome friend as I cannot take it on my carryon)

All in all, it was an awesome trip! For all y'all that want to see the pictures, you can go to my album on Facebook and see them!

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