Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I was on the radio!

All I can say is WOW!

Yes, that's Dallas, Tug, and I in the Kicks studio! They were awesome to meet and interact with. And I had an AWESOME time seeing how things work!

Here's what I can tell you:
  • Dallas is AWESOME, and by AWESOME, I mean I thought she was cool from what I've heard her on the radio -- But, she's BEYOND cool.. BEYOND great... and cute to boot!
  • Tug looks SKINNY from what his pictures on the website show. So, I guess healthé trim works! (although I don't know for certain what he looked like). And also cute to boot (He's probably blushing now if he reads this)
  • Producer Matt is one of those odd characters and we all got to yell at him for doing something we don't approve of (although if Caddy was there, I'm sure he wouldn't have objected)
  • All the cool technology in the studio had me in awe. Not as much awe as one of the CNN tours I had (different technologies, but awesome)
A name is mentioned also! Whether or not it's my real name I'm not telling. 'Cuz we all know DJs on the radio always use a moniker on the radio. I doubt his mother really put Cadillac Jack the birth certificate. And Dallas has used other names pre-Kicks (See, I pay attention to what they say on the radio!). I'm guessing Tug-a-licious's mom didn't give him that name either.

The awesomeness? As I was departing, they said I should be a regular stand-in if someone is out. I TOTALLY would love to be able to do that! This is me crossing my fingers hoping I can do it again!

The mp3s below essentially starts at 6am! Already an hour into the Morning Show. I must apologize that the length is SO LONG, but I wanted to put it in as un-bastardized as possible. So, if you want to fast forward through commercials and music, here's where I am (when we cut to commercial or song, go ahead and forward to the next one) -- And, if you know of a way to either create a playlist or host a larger mp3 for free, please let me know!

6:12:45 -- I'm mentioned (before I get to the studios even -- in fact, I was in the shower)
6:53:40 -- I'm actually on the air for the first time!
6:57:30 -- First half of first story (Olive Garden)
7:06:55 -- Second half of the first story
7:12:55 -- Tease to future stories
7:21:30 -- Second story (Prostitute and his daddy) -- Sorry, I revealed a bit of information here.
7:28:25 -- Teaser about chihuahua story
7:36:30 -- Third story (Chihuahua)
7:43:15 -- Teaser to fourth story (Not in it, but great teaser)
7:52:10 -- Teaser in and talk about my sistah -- then lead into the fourth story (Naked man)
7:57:00 -- Second half of fourth story (OMG, I have NO WORDS!)

I also need to figure out how to cut out stuff in order to throw it on a CD for Nan and Mother.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Drunk rural men are wild!

Simply Unpredictable said...

So, I was going back on Twitter and found this: -- I love my morning show!