Monday, December 16, 2013

You're impeding the progress of a minority!

So, I have two tickets for report changes for the peeps I like to support and everyone else hates because "they're too demanding."

Ok, had two tickets.  I sent one over to the Admin team because the "simplest" fix to that report is for the data to get fixed (an elimination didn't eliminate it to 0, rather to -1)

Anyways, I have a report fix for that in case the Admin team can't do their job, and I also have a set of reports for the other ticket I'd like to do.

Except, I can't do anything.

We're required to do our development in DEV now.  Except, DEV has no data for the application these reports point to.  And when I mean no data, the database file size is 0.  For some reason those idiots in Technical cleared the application.

So, I made the changes in DEV and was like "I'll test it in UAT!" -- So, I imported the reports into UAT.  Nope.  There's something going on with UAT that the reports will not run.

I've sent a number of emails to Technical saying "hey, you're preventing me from working" (I want to put "you're impeding the progress of a minority!", but they may get too confused).

I'm about ready to be like this:

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