Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More AND Less


I decided to start this blog with something BESIDES "So..."

This morning, I went back to my gay periodontist (a friend of mine asked me how I got a gay periodontist. I told him my lesbian dentist referred me to him, and I was referred to my lesbian dentist from a gay coworker) for my checkup after oral surgery. Anyways, he said things were looking pretty good. He said he was happy to see I was flossing more. I told him "I'm flossing more and less." Confused, he asked "more AND less?" I replied, "Yeah... More than I used to, less than I should."

With things looking good, he has "released me from his care" (even though he wants to see me back in six months). He's also given me a referral to an Oral Surgeon type person who can remove my wisdom teeth. After that, I can get braces (hopefully Invisalign). The only problem is I don't have the money to get my wisdom teeth removed... My guess is it'll cost $1000 without insurance (since Delta Dental has paid my max through the year) -- I'm going to call to see if they suggest I get a second dental plan in the interim to pay for this.

Anyways, I'm all happy my teeth are finally getting better!

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