Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can identify colors and count!

Went to Microcenter today.

I was very impressed at the knowledge the dude on commission had!

Here's what happened:

Chinchilla's CPU fan decided it wanted to start dying. Not particularly a good thing. So, I brought the dying fan there to ensure I got the correct size. I'm not finding what I need, so I ask dude if he would know where the exact size I'm needing is.

He said I had a "proprietary fan" because the fan I brought in had two wires, one red, one black, and the ones they had had three wires, one red, one black, one yellow.

I had to respond with "Thank you very much for knowing how to count to at least three and how to identify at least three colors. I wouldn't have been able to determine that on my own. What I ASKED for was a fan that size -- I'm sure no matter what type of connector it is, I'd be able to power it up, because... look... all these fans have adapters that I'd be able to use in any case."

Needless to say, I removed his sticker so he didn't get the commission on the 6.99 fan.
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