Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm OK -- at least for now

The past few days were very chaotic. As you can imagine from my last post.

I got the news at 2. I spoke with HR for about half an hour. Then I ran into Princess Sparklepants when I got out of the elevator and she asked if I needed to go for a walk. Of course I did. She apologized profusely, even though she had absolutely nothing to do with the situation. I know she felt bad because she knew for a while and wasn't allowed to say anything. I still love her though!

I left the office about 3:15ish or so. I called my chiropractor and asked if she could see me earlier... like "now". She asked if everything was alright. I said no. She asked what was wrong. I said couldn't say and started crying. She said she'd meet me at her office in 20.

I saw her pull in, she asked what was wrong, I gave her a hug, started crying and told her I was getting laid off. Of course, she's not thrilled either. I cried for about 15 mins in her office. We convinced me everything is going to be alright. She adjusted me and I went home and started calling everyone else.

Thursday night, I didn't sleep well. I had a messed up dream where I was saying goodbye to everyone and didn't make it past three rows of cubes before I lost it. I woke up bawling my eyes out.

I didn't do diddly squat on Friday. I wanted to sit and eat a gallon of Ben & Jerry's (shut up. you can buy 8 pints to equal a gallon) and bon bons, but I decided I couldn't afford it. I then decided I was going to be OK and decided I would have a "getting laid.... off" party! As a friend of mine said, "I love that you get laid off & decide to throw a party."

Over the weekend I realized how many contacts I have that I can call on. It's going to be a lot easier this time than when I first moved to Atlanta.

Monday was tough. I came in and acted all cheery. It seemed everybody I talked to knew about me "being a victim" (btw, that's my new phrase -- I'm a victim!). Very though to talk to people. But I decided that I'm gonna make it!

Of course, today I saw the fortune cookie I got a month or so back that made it all make sense:

Heaven bless those fortune cookies!

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Awww, I love you too! I'm still sorry, too!

But, like we've talked about, you are totally in a good position!

And, you'll always have your Princess Sparklepants, regardless of where you work!!

FYI, My comment moderation word is "ihrrow". Um I-Rowr is how I read that. ROAR!!!