Friday, October 17, 2008

Tag, I'm it?

Apparently Princess Sparklepants decided it would be wicked awesome to tag me.

Clothes: Wear them. Oh.. you were asking what kind? A lot of stuff from GAP

Furniture: Sitting on it. Oh... what kind? Lotsa IKEA stuffs

City: Just outside of Atlanta. In Cobb County -- you know, where The Big Boss Man is from.

Sweets: Love 'em. Oh, what kind? Chocolates... and cheesecake...

Drink: Pepsi. Seriously. I live in a Coke city, but love me Pepsi

Music: Lately a lot of Lady Antebellum.

TV Series: Prison Break, American Idol

Film: That icky layer at the top of the Chattahoochie? Oh... as in movies. All over the place.

Workout: Used to. need to get back into it.

Pastries: Krispy Kreme.

Coffee: yuck.

I'm too lazy to tag someone else right now. We'll see later.

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