Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

OK, Jesus Chicken people are out of Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake mix. I was distraught. I stared blankly at cute dude behind the counter.

I said, "In times like this, I have to think, what would Jesus do? -- I know, he'd turn the chocolate mix into Peppermint Chocolate Chip mix like he did with water and wine... now, you go back there and do that!"

Cute dude behind the counter wasn't particularly amused.

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Salon Chick said...

I hate when I get all worked up and excited about something that I want and when I get there they are OUT...

Two weeks ago went with my friend Carole for a flu shot. We both were big girls and got our shots with no tears. I felt that since we were such good girls we definitely deserved a cookie! And, you know what...Starbucks has great cookies. At different times of the year they have different ones (last Christmas they had stockings, in the spring they had baseballs and then flowers in the summer and some others along the way). They are the sugar cookie/shortbread-ish type cookies with painted on frosting. YUM!

So, bandaid on our arms we head off to Starbucks for our PRIZE. Carole says "I have to go in if I'm going to get a cookie - I want to see them." Of course, I'm on board because it's like picking out a puppy or has to be the RIGHT one.

I walk in and see NO painted cookies in the glass case. I look at Starbucks girl and say "Do you have any of the frosted cookies, you know, the ones like a baseball or flower like you had in the spring and summer?" And I'm all excited and animated. She says "Nope." How rude! So I say, and it really just slips out (I have no filter), "Well, that's the only reason I came here! I hate coffee." And proceed to leave. The whole time she is just looking at me like I am crazy! Not crazy - just a girl who wants her DAMN COOKIE! And FYI...other Starbucks didn't have any today either!