Monday, February 16, 2009

Because nobody would believe me...

Because nobody would believe me, I decided to show what I did on my three day weekend.

Note: This is NOWHERE NEAR complete. I still have another half the house to do (and I don't get another three-day weekend until Memorial Day, I think), but it's a great progress!

My apologies for not having "Before" shots. If you google-image "Hurricane Damage", I'm sure you'll find things of what it used to look like.

First, let's take the Master Bathroom. It hasn't been REALLY cleaned in quite some time. And by "REALLY cleaned", I'm including scrubbing the shower. I think it looks pretty good:
And, for those of you who know me, that's beyond impressive. Then, let's go to the master bedroom. There were things all over the place in here. But, cleaning it allowed me to do something I'd been wanting to do for over a year: Fix my bed. You see, it's an IKEA bed, and there's cross-braces. Well, the instructions didn't tell me exactly how to install the cross braces, and I found out that if they have the slightest bit of give, they will allow the sideboards to bow enough to allow the bed to try to fall through. I had rigged it temporarily, but now it's safe and secure:
Looks impressive, huh?

Now, for the biggest change (again, I apologize for no "before" picture) is the room known as "The Storage Room" -- You know, that room that gets used as the equivalent of an attic or basement because you don't have either, but have too much junk to keep? Like Christmas and the like. Well, here's the "After" pic of that:
In all, I got the upstairs pretty much done. The living room will be tackled next since I have an afternoon left. I had hoped to make it to the kitchen, but I guess I'll have to find time during the week.

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