Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekends are crazy

Well, we started to figure out exactly what I needed to get my house network wired and such.

Except, my awesomely hot boyfriend started planning around other things and the scope creep came into play.

You see, here's my goals:
  1. Network my house (Satellite boxes and other things are now wanting network connection for this that and the other. Buying wireless adapters all over the place is crazy, so let's run ethernet around).
  2. Get an electric tankless hot water heater -- that will save money since I'm not heating water in the event I want to use it and provide more room in the utility closet for my mini network rack.
  3. #2 causes a problem because I've only got 150 service into the house and I need like 200 (or was it 250? I couldn't remember -- I just needed bigger wiring to meet #2's requirement)
  4. I also, at some point, need to replace my HVAC system since it's about 2/3 of my age. I was pondering around the same time as #2 so I could get rid of Georgia Natural Gas. But, that requires #3 to have been done.
With all this scope creep, the budget has been blown out of the water. I need to seriously sit down and figure out which order I want parts 1 and 3 done in. Partly due to cost, but mostly because I have a wonderful man helping me and I don't want him to feel burned out or have him think I'm using him for his skills. They're great projects to do, but I also want to spend quality time where we're not sweating because of the extensive work we're doing.

...So, if anyone wants to donate to the projects fund, you can donate via PayPal at... :)

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