Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I tried to exercise

So, I know I need to get my fat @$$ back in the gym. I'm getting yelled at left and right by medical peoples, along with my scale. Friends of mine don't care about my weight. And the only reason I really care is the health issues I have from it.

Anyways, a really awesome friend of mine K from The Suffix is in town this week (it's a rarity since she lives in that really freezing cold place known as Minnesota). Anyways, for the longest time we had plans that when she came into town, we would go biking on the Silver Comet Trail. I figured it would be fun until I remembered that she has a tendency to run 50 miles for no reason (and marathons and races and other things. INSANE, I tell ya!)

Of course, I got laid off, and somewhat forgot about it.

My really awesome boyfriend brought his bike back with him on his last trip home, and the thought came back in my mind, so I txted K and asked her if she had any plans of coming down, and lo and behold, she did! So we started the planning of riding the Silver Comet Trail (well, part of it. It was going to be after work, afterall).

Anyways, last two weeks I've been sick, but I'm feeling mostly better. A little coughing every now and then, but that's it. We get everything scheduled for yesterday after work. I pump up the tires and get them loaded in the back of my truck and we head to the trail.

She hadn't been on a bike for several years, apparently. Add in the fact it was set on one of the high gears, and it was hilarious to see her try to get started. I was yelling "It's like riding a bike! It comes back to ya!"

So, we're riding down the trail and it's really beautiful. We're in that "Not quite spring" transition phase (just before the pollen count hits nine billion), and things are really nice out. And the weather is pretty much PERFECT.

About a mile down, K thinks she has a flat tire. I have her get in front of me to see what things look like, and it appears that the brake is rubbing a bit against the rubber, causing the noise. You know.. that whole "it's hot, and the tire's been flat for a while, so it's a little bowed and such" deal? We think very little of it and press on.

Two and change miles down and we hear a "POP-PSSsssss" -- and it was LOUD! Yep... Tire blew. I guess I didn't fully interpret Really Awesome Boyfriend's warning of "The tires are probably in bad shape."

So, we dismount and turn around and walk the bikes all the way back down to the start of the trail. It was a nice walk, but would have been cooler if we could have biked a little further... I mean, we didn't even get to the tunnel!

After dinner, the three of us (K, Really Awesome Boyfriend, and I) went to RuSan's for dinner and had sushi. It's always a good day when sushi is involved!

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