Monday, March 9, 2009

Why do people think I'm crazy?

So, people think I'm crazy for some reason unbeknownst to me. I don't go around saying "5 minutes to Wapner" or things like that. I don't roll down my window and ask the person in the next vehicle if they have any Grey Poupon. And I don't whisper an entire conversation in public yet yell "RECTUM" like my grandmother does. I like to think I'm fairly close to "sane."

So, lately, people have been calling me crazy.

9:42am I get a call, and I answer "Good afternoon." 3:18pm I get a call and I answer "Good morning." They tell me I'm crazy.

I have a light up LED tree at my desk. Everyone calls it a "Christmas Tree" -- I've decided it's not, rather the Crystalline Entity with a star on top.

I also have an aquarium at my desk. They find it "odd."

But, I think the best thing is the fact I got to reuse a line again!

Mother is a Braves fan and her birthday is coming up. So I decided to adventure to the Braves Clubhouse Store to buy her something. I found the cutest little bear wearing a Braves uniform, so I decided she was going to get that. The cashier put the bear in the bag upside-down. I exclaimed, "Don't put him in upside down! All the stuffing will rush to his head!"

The look was priceless!

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