Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tray 3

Ok, so my last few posts have been about my Invisaligns. I haven't done anything of any significance the past few weeks (Ok, I have, but I haven't gotten around to filling anyone in 'cuz the projects aren't done), so I'm waiting.

Anyways, I got tray three yesterday. And BUTTONS!

Yeap. In the original videos, you see the red things. They're little pieces of (white) filling material bonded to my teeths. That was an adventure. First I had tray 3 put in. that was a LOT of difficulty. Then, took them out and put the filling material in the button spaces in tray 3 and solidified it in place. The fun part was "Ok, take them out".

Didn't happen. It took a LOT of work to get those trays out. But the buttons were filed down a tad to make it a tad easier. Still not fun. It makes a huge KLUNK when I take them out, though.

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