Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't mess with me, I'm PMSing

So, the past few days I've had EXTRA road rage, it seems. I blame it mostly on the new Invisalign trays I put in Wednesday. But, I'd rather blame it more on the STUPID IDIOTS who are on the roads.

Today was no exception.

This morning, I was exiting the Interstate to get to work.

At the end of the exit ramp, it's a bit interesting. It's an intersection where there's a true 4-way intersection as it drops you off into a side-street that has return traffic to get on the Interstate there.

Anyways, as I got to the intersection, the light turned red, I stopped, nobody was coming, so I proceeded to turn on red, which is legal. Apparently some asshole decided they wanted to run the red light from the opposite direction and make the left hand turn they shouldn't have done. Mind you, they weren't already in the intersection as the light turned red.

Not only did asshole illegally turn left on red, but they turned left on red INTO THE RIGHT-HAND LANE.

So, double-illegal.

Anyways, they had a "how is my driving?" sticker on their vehicle, so I called it complaining how the idiot driver almost hit me! (Ok, I was a bit more polite in my response as to be "professional". I figured that'd get a better reaction than "angry driver")

A bit ago, I got a callback from the company and they left a vmail thanking me for calling and they were going to take care of it with their driver.

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