Thursday, July 30, 2009

I dub thee "Dooky Head"

When you move into a previously-lived-in location, you're bound to get mail for strangers.

Previously, my house was owned by a church. So, I'll get lots of religious things in the mail. And occasionally a letter for a previous person saying their car loan is in default or their student loans are in default (I guess God really doesn't care about them enough to make sure their credit stays good).

Anyways, yesterday I received the strangest piece of mail:
Yes -- that's right -- it says "Dooky Head" -- and the address is mine. I'm debating calling Progressive and saying "Excuse me sir or madam, but I think you misspelled "Dookey". If I do call, I'll keep all three of my readers updated!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

That is Freaking. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing!!

Oemar said...

Ha ha ha .... There are some amazing people working at Progressive .... During the time my car was insured with Progressive, I had received their mail saying I could be paying too much for my auto insurance and should try Progressive instead .... guess their sales and customer databases are out of sync.