Thursday, December 3, 2009

And there were marines -- and trophies!

Yeah -- so there was an event at The Company today that involved a Toys for Tots collection. And there were marines that were there to collect the toys. And I drooled.

Then, as part of the event, there was trivia.

At the end of the first round, we were proud to not be in last place! At the end of the second round, the same was said. Then it got worse.

That's right, we were in last place!

And we didn't quite get any additional points in round three. Or round four. So, for the final question, we went with big strategy! Wager the maximum points and go for the gusto to have the lowest score!

And then there was the awards -- First place got some awesome trophies and what looked to be a gift certificate. And last place got trophies as well.

I present to thee, my trophy!

Fun was had by all!

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