Friday, December 4, 2009

I told you, I'm not on call anymore!

So, last night I'm sleeping. Having an awesome dream that may or may not have involved Jensen Ackles. And all of a sudden, I hear my phone go off.

Now, my phone hasn't gone off in the middle of the night for over a year. In my previous employment with The Suffix, I was one of those people that was on call every now and then (seemed more "now" than "then", but I digress). And when the phone rang, we had to get things fixed. When we were on call, sometimes we slept, sometimes we didn't.

For SEVERAL months after I left was forced out of The Suffix, I was unable to sleep with my phone in the same room as me for fear of it ringing. Finally, that unsubstantiated fear has gone away and I now use my phone as a backup alarm.

Anyways, my phone is ringing and I slowly get out of my dream mentioned above. And I am trying to figure out what's going on and I realize it's my phone. I look at it and see it's one of my coworkers from The Suffix. The phone stops ringing before I can think about getting to it and I go back to bed.

This morning, I send said former coworker friend a text message. Here's the conversation:
Me: Did you forget I'm no longer on-call? What was up with that call missed call from you at Midnight:05?
Her: I was updating your contact info and pressed the # instead od 'edit' first! Sorry!
Her: Of
Me: Aahh -- I heard phone ringing and was like "WTF?" and saw it was you and was like "Excuse me?" -- but was too unconscious to do anything about it.
Me: I was like "Did Product blow up and She have no idea how to fix it?" :)
Her: I'm glad you didn't answer. I was going to apologize
Her: :D
Me: No worries -- I've gotten a good laugh about it (and soon to be another when I blog it)
Yeah.... so, calls in the middle of the night kinda scare me still!

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