Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tis the season to be jolly!

It's that time of year. And I just completed my Christmas Cards (did I miss someone? It's probably because I don't have your address and therefore YOUR fault! :)). At the end of the everything, I totaled it all up. In total, I spent about $100.42* in sending out cards. That includes everything from the sitting fee for pictures with Santa, the actual photos themselves, the cards, and the stamps (good GOLLY stamps... I remember when they were 23 cents!). Oh wait, there were some 8x10s in the photo prints fee, so it's probably closer to like $88.28*.

Anyway, I was talking with our Admin and she said $100 is way too excessive to do for Christmas.

But, if you break it down, I sent out 68 cards (which means I have 12 stamps left and can send 12 more out as I have about that many cards left also). So, 88/68 = $1.30 per person in cards.

It doesn't seem so ridiculous when you hear that number. Until you break out the percentages of what is what.

Stamp = 41%
Photo = 29%
Card = 30%

It's sad to think that the smallest item in the whole card ordeal costs the most!

Our Admin also insists that in future years electronic cards should be sent instead of traditional mailed cards. I have two problems with this:

1) My sister and I have a contest every year to see who gets the most cards mailed to them. Whoever gets the most wins Xmas!

B) There's something awesome about getting a physical card that you can display within your home.

Anyway, Happy Christmas to all y'all and if you don't think you're getting a card from me because I don't have your address, maybe you should use the Google Voice widget over there --> and leave me a voicemail with your address!

*And this does not include the awesomely printed label costs


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

1. you know I could print the labels for you, and they would look awesome, and who the hell told you it was okay to confer with ANOTHER ADMIN, I feel like you are cheating on me.

2. You have my address, right?

3. Stamps suck. I remember when they were 18 cents!!! Because I am old old old old old.

4. I love you, mean it, bye bye.

Simply Unpredictable said...

1) I printed my own labels (you'll see)

1a) I know... You know how much it hurts me to confer with another?

2) Of course. That's how you'll see!

Pumpkin) You're my age! You just must have a little better memory.

Pi) I love you, too!

Cupcake said...

Oh, & won Christmas.... AGAIN!