Friday, January 29, 2010

Pickle Puffer

This morning, I was listening to the Kicks 101.5 Morning Show with Cadillac Jack and Dallas, like I do every morning while I'm primping myself for work.

Ok, I gotta confess -- I don't listen to all the show -- just the couple minutes I catch when the snooze ends on my alarm and whist I'm in the bathroom showering and such and getting dressed. I have XM for my trip to work.

Anyways, I guess Dallas brought in Adam Lambert's CD for Flush the Format this morning (I don't know the whole back story, I was snoozing and the like). And then calls started rolling in.

One of the callers said something like "I don't care what the pickle puffer does."

And I think Dallas said "Wow, that's a new one!"

I stared at the radio.

Being a homosexical myself, my inclination should have been "I'm offended" -- but I continued to stare and was like "I LOVE that term!" (I guess it's 'cuz I'm an equal opportunity offender). I have to not only thank the caller for using that term, but thank the Morning Show for airing it! (although, I'm sure they probably got a number of complaints that it got aired on the radio. I say "get a life" to them!)

I love it when media gets a little edgy on a topic. I'm not saying to go over the top and call someone a Lint Licker or Cootie Queen, but push the envelope just enough. And if you push the envelope enough times, things will become socially acceptable and all these prejudices will go away!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Before you, my at-work boyfriend was this African American guy named Ahmun. He was awesome cool (like you). I tried really hard to get him to call me "whitey" or "spook" or - best yet - "cracker", but he never would. I like racial terms that apply to me. So I can dig where you are coming from, here.

Simply Unpredictable said...

So, can I start referring to you as "Honkey"? :)

Simply Unpredictable said...

So, I got a response from the radio station:

I have a gay brother and he had never heard that one either..thanks for listening..dallas

Atlanta's Country Morning Show
KICKS 101.5

I LOVE them!