Monday, February 1, 2010

More with the Morning Show

For some reason I decided to parooze the Kicks Morning Show web site. After the Twitter conversation I had with @ATLCadillac, I apparently had a hugely blond moment.

You see, I've been listening to the Morning Show since I moved to Atlanta. Way back when, it was Moby in the Morning. (Trivia: I won tickets from him 'cuz I Stumped Moby with a joke. Maybe one day I'll tell the joke). I even was enjoying Bandy and Bailey while they were in Atlanta. Then Cadillac and Kristen I thought were the pair to do me in until some random shake-up happened and I got Cadillac and Dallas. Oh, and Tug. Without Tug, all the judges on Make Us Say WOW Wednesday would be nice! :) (Which reminds me, I need to get time to call in my WOW story)

Let me tell you, there can't be a better Morning Show in the world! You think your morning show is better? It's not possible! I mean I have had TEARS rolling down my face from laughter. It's not easy to shave in the mornings with the radio on sometimes because I'm fearful of slicing my throat.

Anyways, I'm paroozing the Morning Show site and there's a picture of the morning show personalities, and one who's name I don't seem to recognize.

So, I tweet Mr. Cadillac Jack and ask him:
SmplyUnprdctble @ATLCadillac Who is this "Greg" person who's pictured on the Morning Show page that I've never heard of?

ATLCadillac @SmplyUnprdctble Greg Talmadge - does traffic for us every morning... been with KICKS for 20 years

SmplyUnprdctble @ATLCadillac Oh! Him! I thought he was imaginary and you've been using random traffic reports from the past since it's always the same! :)

SmplyUnprdctble @ATLCadillac Also, tell your web peeps Greg needs a page! I demand it!
Seriously -- I don't know how I forgot Greg. Most likely it's because I don't pay attention to the traffic because it seems to be out of date by the time it gets on the air (*references my reply about traffic always being the same*). Plus, he doesn't quite get the same amount of air time as Caddy and Dallas and Tug. I demand he get integrated into the show more! :)

Ok, so you want to hear the joke I won with? Well, today's your lucky day.
Back in 1977 (just barely before I was born), when the first Star Wars movie initially came out, Chewbacca won an award.
You know what that award was?
Wookie of the Year!
Now, no beating me for the joke. I made it up myself.

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