Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paul Ryan is an asshole. And there were riots!

This post probably is violating a lot of rules.  Some I know, some I probably don't.  Either way, my disclaimer at the bottom of the page is SUPPOSED to keep me safe if HR is right.

Additionally, I apologize for the profanity.

I would like to announce I was an Undecided Voter.  Not particularly the SNL kind.  But, I was undecided. Simply because there's things about each candidate I liked.  The keyword now is "WAS!"

So, my commute this evening took TWO FUCKING HOURS!


Two hours to travel sixteen miles.  That's an average of what?  Eight miles per hour, math geeks?

I'm on Williams St, and get stopped around the TBS building (Although, according to those bumps on Adult Swim, I think that's where those folks are at.  I don't know... *shifts eyes coyly*) like I normally do after I turn onto Williams St from 10th.

And then, we're not really moving.  I mean, we're kinda moving as if there's a huge accident and people are having difficulty moving around.

A few more light cycles (not to be confused with a light cycle), I decided there must be some major accident.  I can't do anything about it, so I don't stress... I just chilled, cranked the music and started laughing.

Then the information started coming in.

It wasn't an accident.

I noticed that it didn't look like there was anyone at all on the interstate.  That was weird.

Then my worst fears were found.

I present you this tweet:

That ASSHOLE decided to shut down THE DOWNTOWN CONNECTOR DURING RUSH HOUR so he could raise funds to get people to vote for him and his presidential co-runner?

How many things are wrong with that?

He pissed off how many millions of voters?

Let's not mention people had no clue what was going on (in their defense, I wasn't following @ajcwsbtraffic  but I am now), so horns are honking and people are getting pissed!

I'm sitting in my truck... chilling... it's in park, I'm dancing to the music, laughing at the pissed off people.  Just enjoying it.

(Although, an Xpress bus is probably in trouble 'cuz he was in a left turn lane trying to get around something with traffic and pissed off a LOT of people behind it.  'Cuz they wanted to turn left and there was no way around.  In his defense, he probably didn't know what the congestion was and was trying to get his passengers home, but what he was trying to do was illegal anyway...  I still blame the whole situation on Paul Ryan)

The horns are getting louder.  The people are getting more aggravated.  But, Subsonic isn't letting me run out of music!

Behind me, I see people getting out of their cars.  Flailing their hands.  Cussing up a storm.

Oh, gee... Riots.

Finally, the motorcade reaches it's destination, so the Downtown Connector (and the rest of I-75) are opened.  Pissed off motorists resume their commute.  I'm thanking heaven I didn't go to Farbucks and get something that'd make me have to pee.

So, because Paul Ryan pissed me off, I'd like to publicly let it be known I'm no longer an Undecided Voter.  It takes some smarts to think to ruin millions of commuters evenings.  I'd hate to think how many day care people were late because of this.  Aren't they fined by the MINUTE for being late?

I leave this with three hypothetical questions:

  1. Who's idea is it to actually shut down the interstate for a political figure?  Leaving them as the ONLY target for miles.  *insert random NCIS, CSI, etc scenario here*
  2. Who's bright idea is it to shut down a major Interstate used by millions of people DURING RUSH HOUR?  Much less, shut it down well before he even leaves the airport?
  3. And, finally, why the hell couldn't he have landed at Dobbins ARB since he was heading to the Cobb Energy Center anyways?  Shutting down a small portion of Cobb Pkwy (or even 75S from there -- reverse from rush hour traffic) would have been a better idea.
And, if other Undecided Voters have this same experience, I know who's going to win the election!

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