Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear McDonalds (Again)

I would like to share my feedback I'm providing to my local McDonald's.  I understand going back was probably a mistake after my previous incident.  Especially after their response.  But, it's a completely new building with new management.  It should be better, right?

Anyway, here goes:
I would like to make you aware of my most recent visit. 
At approximately 7:45pm this evening, I entered the restaurant.  I noted who appeared to be the manager sitting at a table with a couple employees.  Based on the excerpts I heard, scheduling was being discussed. 
I was the only customer in the restaurant, as it appeared.  I stepped back as I was making my decision as is polite. 
Upon making my decision (An Angus CBO meal large-sized), I approached the counter.
I watched the one of the employees trying to make a smoothie.  I also watched the other three gathered around someone's smartphone looking at what I'm assuming was photos.  After a full 60 seconds, "Smoothie Girl" asked if I had been helped yet.  I responded with no, and walked out of the restaurant. 
Being ignored for a full minute in an empty restaurant is unacceptable.  Also, in my opinion, employees playing on their cellular devices while on the clock is unacceptable. 
This visit, combined with my previous two where my orders were given to me incomplete and weren't noticed until I got home, shows me that even though the building may be fresh and new, the employees' training is not.

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