Friday, November 1, 2013

It's the Great Pumpkin!

First, this year was my very first year putting up a Halloween decoration!  It surprises a bunch of people because... well...  I'm a big kid at heart.  Behold my decoration:

Pretty cool, right?  Well, it actually gets better, believe it or not.  I did NOT know this happens, but that night I came home and saw:

I was all "OMG, that's awesome!"

So, I did all the decorationing and it was pretty cool.  And we had our neighborhood Halloween event.  I did a bit of dressing up:

Pretty fun, eh?  Too bad they didn't have a costume contest category for my age...  ah well :)

Last night was Tricks or Treats.  That was an adventure.  I made little goodie bags for the beggars trick or treaters.  I figured that was a little better than the "random grabbing of candy" that never got mixed up well in my buckets.  They got Smarties, Reese's Cups, Butterfingers, and Paydays.  Pretty good haul, eh?  Well, unless you have a peanut allergy.

I had some pretty good kids come by.  My favorite thing to do is just stare at them until they say "Trick or Treat".  It confuses them at first, but, gotta teach them young that they gotta do things right!

At about 9:00, the rest of the lights in my field of view had turned off, so I turned my porch light off and went upstairs to find something.  At 9:05, there came a tapping at my door.  Not this kind of awesome tapping, but still.  So, I went downstairs and opened the door.

I heard the infamous "Trick or treat!!" greeting.

I asked "Why did you knock instead of ringing the doorbell?" of the COSTUMELESS kids that were at my door.

"We couldn't find the doorbell button," was their reply.

"Aahh...  That's right... Things are easier to see when a porch light is on.  This one is off.  That explains why the doorbell wasn't rung, but isn't an off light the international sign that there's no trick or treat at this location?"

The kids all started apologizing, and I sent them on their merry way.

I did have PLENTY of leftover candy I would have given them if they were in costume (I'm not THAT evil), but at that point, they were like drug addicts -- going around begging for their sugar fix :D

Next year, I think I'm going to do two goodie bags -- one similar to this years for the kids in costume, and one with things like raisins and dental floss for the kids out of costume!

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