Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weird conversation with my boss

I thought I'd share a conversation I had with my boss while at work today.

Yes, today is Sunday and I'm at work.

No, I don't like it either

[13:51] are you just making up things for Idiot Consultant to do now?
[13:51] what did I make up this time?  (and probably)
[13:51] something about non issues in task force log..
[13:52] I never mentioned the log -- he must have taken it upon himself to look at what's in the log
[13:53] that's what he did
[13:53] where teh DEC 2001 aren't filtered correctly for some reason
[13:53] then I put a couple of the formatting things, and even put "The Company" next tot hem
[13:53] tot hem?
[13:53] and I put my comment about the refresh button gone
[13:53] next to them
[13:54] my fingers get out of sync sometimes
[13:54] it's a problem when you can type >100wpm
[13:54] I write monkey talk but I cant read it
[13:54] that almost made milkshake come out of my nose.  And I know for a fact that kind of milkshake don't bring the boys to the yard
[13:54] i just blow pepsi out by nose
[13:55] blew

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