Sunday, January 25, 2009


My honey and I went to the movies Friday night, and I was disgusted! For more than one reason.

First, let's talk about prices. TEN DOLLARS to see a movie. Considering I remember when it was three dollars to see a new release, that's a bit ridiculous. Especially when it's gone up like three dollars in the past eight years. That's higher than inflation.

Then, as we're purchasing our tickets from the kiosk, we see that there's a student discount if we show valid Student ID card. Well, mine works sometimes and his has a valid expiration date on it, so we're like "Dude, let's save a couple bucks". Go up to the box office, and apparently you can only get a student discount ON THURSDAYS ONLY. WTF? Students aren't rich, as I recall, but you're now limiting their discount to ONE DAY A WEEK?

Finally, it pisses me off when the projector room doesn't turn off their overhead lights. This is the second movie I saw in that theater where they didn't turn off the overhead lights. How difficult is it to flip a switch?

At these prices, I'm REALLY tempted to just ignore it all and watch movies when they come out on BluRay on my ginormous TV and home theater system. At least then, when it costs $20 to see it, I have something to keep :)


Salon Chick said...

Dude! No effing kidding! I paid $10 to see a terrible movie last night! Wanted funny, was suggested this movie by a co-worker, and half-way through we were discussing whether we should sneak into another movie!

$10 a movie isn't to cover the cost of production of the movie - it's to pay inflated salaries to egotistical actors who already have too much effing money!

I agree...DVD or BluRay and you can watch the damn thing 5,000 times if you want! (oooh...and my step-father does)

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

From now on, call me first. I have connections. Even if I can't score you free tix, I can at least make sure that the danged light gets turned off!!! Ginger is a movie theater manager, for Pete's sake!!!

Simply Unpredictable said...

Yeah, Princess Sparkle Pants -- you know I can never remember that... It was AMC Parkway Point tho... I haven't had luck with them as of late, it seems.