Sunday, February 1, 2009

That ungrateful bastard!

Ok, he's an ungrateful b**st*rd!

So, when I was first approached by my former roommate to ask if I could help him move his crap, I told him only if my sweetie didn't spend the night that Friday night (I'll let y'all use your imagination). On the same day I sent this email, he asked "is dude spending the night Friday?"

I informed him that he was planning on going to Columbus to visit his 'rents. He then begged for my help. Thursday or Friday, he added in "We can do it in the evening. I am at your mercy, I need to be moved."

Now, I know we decided I didn't have to be nice and help him at all (something about UHaul), but I decided to be evil and nice at the same time. Friday as I was departing, I txt'd him and said I'd help him right then. (Last I knew "at your mercy" meant "whenever you're free", right?) My logic was "Since I'm downtown, I'm already mostly wherever he lives, and it'd save me some gas in the event I help him."

He replies that he can't do it right then, and adds that he got his bed moved and he only needed help for the desk.

So, my issues with it all were first, "he was at my mercy" yet when I offered, he didn't take me up on it, and secondly, he got the queen sized bed moved, so he should be able to get the desk moved. I then decided I had plans on Saturday as a reason I couldn't help him.

But, I got a better loop-hole!

My sweetie spent the night Friday night. (see above comment)

But, seriously. If I "was desperate" and needed help with something and said I was at someone else's mercy, it could be 3am and if they called and said they were available to do what I needed, I'd take them up on it in a heartbeat!

...ungrateful b*st**d! I'm never thinking of offering my help to him again.

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