Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deliciously Evil!

So, apparently I was deliciously evil today.

Except, if you want to get technical, I was deliciously evil sometime in the past. The results occurred today.

Below is a snipped of a conversation I had with my Really Awesome (and Hot) Boyfriend:
<Boyfriend> umm soo what evilness are you up to?
<Me> who says I'm up to evilness?
<Boyfriend> the rather large glass vase sitting on my desk
<Me> and?
<Boyfriend> with half my office following said receptionist
<Boyfriend> all trying to figure out where they are going
<Me> ok :)
<Me> there's something wrong with me randomly sending things?

<Boyfriend> to the ooohhh I think someone really likes you
<Me> of course, I'm going to ask that you email me a picture of it -- since like peeps I know really want to see it :)
<Boyfriend> and the two girls down from me going " damn i been here 4 years" and my BF never sends me anything like this... hes been here just a few months and he ALWAYS gets nice stuff from folks..
<Me> hehehehehehe
<Boyfriend> so yeah you suceeded in creating office jealousy
<Me> :-D
I think I did awesome! Of course, I had to ask for a photo of the result, since I really didn't know how it would come out. Here's what he got:
He seems to be beyond thrilled from it. He's now charging admission to his coworkers for them to see his gift. The only thing I didn't think about is the fact he has to take allergy medicine in order to enjoy them. Guess I can't think of EVERYTHING.


colleenstephan said...

Awwwww! Sweet gift for your boy! Good job, Ewe! :)

PipTook said...

Awww...you're such a good boyfriend. Straight men could take a lesson from you.

And I'm so glad I have your blog URL now...mwahahahaha.


Simply Unpredictable said...

PipTook -- what do you mean "now" -- it was in the Christmas Card... Or did you not pay attention to THAT either? Typical women :)