Monday, February 9, 2009

Weird Conversation

So, I just had the weirdest phone conversations. My office phone rang and it said "Conference Room". I answered it.
"Good Morning, this is Smply." (it's like 1:30pm)
"Uh... it's afternoon."
"Yes, but it's morning somewhere."
"Yeah. This is a group of us from SOX, and you were randomly selected to answer this question for us. What would you do if you suspected someone of fraud?"
"Um... tell your manager?"
"What if that person you suspected was your manager?"
"Uh.. HR?"
"What if you wanted to do it anonymously?"
"Uh.. I don't know -- maybe an HR Service Center Line or something?"
"Can you find that number for us?"
"I don't know it -- can't find it on the intranet."

1 comment:

Simply Unpredictable said...


Apparently I was a guinea pig to prove a point. The fact the number to report things isn't plastered anywhere to be ingrained into everyone's heads.

I love being a guinea pig.