Saturday, February 7, 2009

I always spend too much when shopping

So, as we all know, my refrigerator died. Now, I know in ancient days people survived without fridges, but I'm in modern days. I don't hunt my food and eat it the same day. And I enjoy my Fanta Zero Orange cold. So, the quest went on to find a fridge.

Side note: My really awesomely hot boyfriend said he thought he knew what the broken piece was and he'd fix my existing fridge. I decided there was no guarantee it would work, and this puts me with one less purchase when I redo my kitchen at some point in the future.

So, I went shopping around.

I've decided I hate shopping around. But, the first place on my list was HH Gregg. My chiropractor suggested I go there. Dude there was very friendly and "guaranteed" I wouldn't find a better price around. Of course, I never believe that line, so I still shopped around (besides, I didn't have the money in my account and I wasn't going to open another credit account). He also saw me eyeing the washers and dryers. I've wanted a new set for a while. Front loader -- simply because my comforter doesn't fit in my current washer. He said he'd give me an AWESOME deal if I bought all three.

Shopping around at Bestus Buyus and Sears proved mostly pointless. Neither had associates that really cared to help. Bestus Buyus had the best rates for delivery @ $30 (HH Gregg claims it must have been a special I stumbled upon). I laughed at Sears when they said $45 delivery -- then add $20 for weekend delivery -- then add $10 to take the broken fridge away. (For the record, HH Gregg was $70)

I decided to go to HH Gregg and make said purchase. And I went in with a budget that if dude could really meet, I would purchase all three with him, if not, it was just the fridge. He entered all the numbers in the system for Suggested Retail Price and I'm like "uh, dude, DEFINITELY no." -- then he made adjustments, basically giving me the extended warranties for free. Brought it down some. I was a little iffy, so I started moving things around. (I almost felt like one of those "find the ball" people shifting things around... I don't want this, I want this, there's a sign that says this...) -- in the end, I got the extended warranties (on all but the dryer, but I may go back and get that later), and the washer / dryer stands for free, and I got a nice chunk off the prices. I don't know how we came down to the number that ended up, but I'm not arguing! It was slightly over my budget, but I REALLY wanted the washer / dryer, so I went for it.

I get them delivered this afternoon. I'll be thrilled because my comforter REALLY needs to be washed. I had been planning on trying to get it to a laundromat, but kept running out of time. I can't wait, I'm excited!