Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It died.

I get a request last night to put a glass in the freezer. I oblige and think "something's not exactly right here." But don't really think anything further.

A few minutes later I think "Well, if he wants a frozen glass, maybe he wants ice. I don't have any ice right now, so let me put a container in the freezer and make some ice."

I open the freezer up again and realize something's horribly wrong.

I open the fridge part and see that the magic light is on.

Touch something in the freezer. It's thawed out totally through.

That's right, the fridge I got for free from the Leasing Wench was no longer working.

Since I'm dating someone wonderfully handy, when he got to my place, he decided he wanted to take a look at it. He did something and got the compressor to come back on, so it's working right now. But the little bit of food I had in the freezer is kaput.

I had hoped that the free fridge would last me until I redid my kitchen so I could buy it all together. Apparently not. Sometime this week I'm going to have to find time to find a fridge I like (that I'll have to build a kitchen around).

Any suggestions?


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Best Buy is where we buy things like this. I'll go look with you if you want.

guess what my word verification is? GUESS!!!


How Awesome is THAT???

Simply Unpredictable said...

Nice verification word... "trani" -- gotta love it!

I pondered Bestus Buyus. Almost pondering some of the other places. I know I want a side-by-side.. that's as far as I've gotten.