Friday, February 27, 2009

I am not that stupid...

So, I've been fighting with our internal applications department for the past two weeks because they put something in production that wasn't tested.

In fact, one of the comments was "We knew that BU was an exception. I guess we never had any test data for it."


When I was in internal applications, I would have been chewed up and spit out by every person in my department if that ever happened. In fact, I sent that portion of the conversation to a colleague of mine at The Suffix and my colleague was in total agreement.

So, let's see -- I solved one phantom error message, gave them a way to solve another problem another area is having, and they can't even get things right? What's wrong with this picture.

So, I was fighting for two weeks with them and they FINALLY "got it fixed" and told me I can run the process. So I did. And it hung up. SERIOUSLY. They spent another day fixing it. This morning, I got a voicemail that said, and I quote, "Killing a process will effectively end it" (ok, it's probably a paraphrase, but still).

SERIOUSLY? If you kill a process, that effectively ends it? REALLY now?

From the person who said they were glad to hear I came from an IT background so they can speak geek to me and I get THAT comment? What have I gotten myself into?

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