Monday, March 16, 2009

Good thing I don't cook!

So, this past weekend's project was supposed to replace the Service Entry Cable to my house. As I've said before, my current setup is underrated for what I want.

But I didn't expect this!

Unfortunately, it was raining all weekend, and there's no way we're going to risk playing with electricity in the rain. But, we DID get the 225 pounds of SE cable run up through the hardest part of the house (the 20 or so feet we needed to put up in the central attic). I swear, if I was ready to rewire the whole house's electrical right now, I would TOTALLY move the breaker box somewhere else more convenient to that whole ordeal. Alas no.

Anyways, my really awesome boyfriend started looking at the existing crappy SE cable (ya know, the one on a 150 amp breaker outside). And we looked it up, and learned it's only REALLY rated for 115 amps. (He calls it "mobile home cable").

Then that got me to thinking about what my Hot Chiropractor said the other day -- "Why don't y'all cook?"

Yeah -- if I cooked, ran the dishwasher, kicked on the air conditioner, and ran the dryer at the same time, I'd probably burn the house down!

...It's a good thing I don't really cook!

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