Thursday, March 4, 2010

I present to you, Before and After!

So, as y'all have probably heard, I went straight!

And, my hot lesbian dentist promised before and after shots of everything. I'm a little saddened there's not as many after shots, but she was a little busy at the time when I went in.

So, without you begging and pleading for more, here's my before and after shots!

(note, they're put in this template by my hot lesbian dentist's staff, not me. I also removed all traces of names in it. You should be able to click on them for larger pics.)
See how crooked my life used to be? I mean, it was horrible! But, as you can see, things are a LOT better (I wish there were a few other good After pics taken so you can see the total transformation -- but you can see all that in the video in the link at the top):
I told the crew at the office "I'm smiling a LOT more now!"

So, if any of y'all are in the Hotlanta area and want my hot lesbian dentist's information, let me know and I'll provide it!

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